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Joel Kanning

Joel Kanning is a musician and producer whose style is reminiscent to that of Enigma, Deep Forest, Achillea and Jens Gad.

"Albums are often released labeled as 'sounding like Enigma and Deep Forest', but this reviewer finds that these albums rarely are on par with masters such as Michael Cretu and Eric Mouquet (the men behind Enigma/Deep Forest). Some of these albums are quite good, but hardly more than that. But sometimes it happens that a new star is born, and one artist that deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Cretu and Mouquet is Joel Kanning." - BT Fasmer, - Read the Full Review

Along with his own solo album releases, Kanning has also produced remixes for artists including Michael Cretu [Enigma] and Eric Mouquet [Deep Forest]. In the studio, Joel has worked alongside producer Jens Gad [Achillea, Enigma], among other notable songwriters/producers.

Ultimately inspired by the emotive power of music, Joel Kanning creates a unique musical world of rhythm and melody amidst ethereal voices and lush sonic landscapes.


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